2019-2020 Set of Officers

CAPMT District 1 Director: J. Mitzi Kolar

Board of Directors

President: Rowena  Asuncion

Vice-President: Salina Sumner

Secretary: Sharon Beth Halverson

Treasurer: Magdolna Bornamisza

Advisory Board: Lu-Yan Guo, Fei-Fei Soong, Fresas Balistreri

Committee, Program and Event Chairs

Audit Committee: Timothy Sumner, Sharon Halverson

Chapter Event Chairs and Co-Chairs:

Teacher Enrichment Programs: Fresas F. Balistreri

Winter Festival: Timothy Sumner

Co-chair: Mark Asuncion

Pop Music Festival: Salina Sumner

Co-chair: Samuel Bautista

San Diego Young Protege Music Competition: Fei-Fei Soong

Honors Recital and Gala: Board of Directors

Summer Camp: Rowena Asuncion

Young Artists Competition: Lu-Yan Guo

Concerto Competition: Lu-Yan Guo

MTNA Studio Festival: Meaghan Padilla, Rowena Asuncion

Scholarship Auditions: Anna Vasilyeva

State Event Chairs and Co-chairs:

Piano Auditions/EnsembleAuditions: Rowena Asuncion

Honors Competition/Contemporary Music Competition: Rowena Asuncion, Sharon Halverson

Concerto Competition: Lu-Yan Guo

The Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program: Fresas F. Balistreri

YPLN Liaison : Samuel Bautista

Webmaster: Rowena Asuncion
Website Maintenance: Belinda Juang, Meaghan Padilla
Social Media: All program/event chairs
Logo Design: Graziel Dulay

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