2017 Honors Recital & Gala

June 3, 2017,  shone the spotlight on the musical talents of deserving students who performed in this year’s Honors Recital and Gala. The primary mission of this culminating event of the chapter is to present chosen students who received top awards and ratings in the various festivals and competitions conducted by the chapter during the school year, as well as representative students from member studios. Additionally, all members of the chapter are recognized, including all event and program chairs, as well as our CAPMT District 1 SDSC Outstanding Member of the Year awardee.

Solo, ensemble, and orchestral works were performed by an array of talented music students, featuring piano, violin, guitar, cello, viola, including voice. The 5400 sq.ft. Recital Hall at Balboa Park with its sprawling stage served as the venue for this year’s memorable event.

Around 200 guests showed up to watch and listen to the performances, mix, mingle and enjoy a buffet of hors d’oeuvres prepared by teachers and volunteers of the chapter. The evening paid tribute to this year’s Outstanding Member of the Year, Mr. Lu-Yan Guo. Indeed, this year’s Honors Recital and Gala is something to be remembered for a long time!

2017 Honors Recital and Gala


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