A Piano Recital and Masterclass

On May 20, 2017, master teacher Dr. Victor Labenske from Point Loma University shared his invaluable expertise in a very stimulating masterclass. His exuberance and positive energy engaged not only the piano students but the captive audience as well.  That afternoon at Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Library was a learning experience for everyone; each one benefiting from Dr. Labenske’s comments, demonstrations and insights. Fifteen students from six piano teachers played their prepared music ranging from a Bach Minuet to a Chopin Polonaise, with six of them chosen for the masterclass. What a wonderful way to celebrate Spring 2017 for our piano students!

Piano Recital & Masterclass 2017 Masterclass pic1Masterclass pic2Masterclass pic3Masterclass pic4Masterclass pic5Masterclass pic6Masterclass pic7

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