A Piano Recital and Masterclass

On May 20, 2017, master teacher Dr. Victor Labenske from Point Loma University shared his invaluable expertise in a very stimulating masterclass. His exuberance and positive energy engaged not only the piano students but the captive audience as well.  That afternoon at Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Library was a learning experience for everyone; each one benefiting from Dr. Labenske’s comments, demonstrations and insights. Fifteen students from six piano teachers played their prepared music ranging from a Bach Minuet to a Chopin Polonaise, with six of them chosen for the masterclass. What a wonderful way to celebrate Spring 2017 for our piano students!

Piano Recital & Masterclass 2017 Masterclass pic1Masterclass pic2Masterclass pic3Masterclass pic4Masterclass pic5Masterclass pic6Masterclass pic7


Published by San Diego South Chapter CAPMT 1

Established in 2016, SDSC is a professional non-profit music organization affiliated with Music Teachers National Association and California Association of Professional Music Teachers. Activities of SDSC are aimed to promote the art and appreciation of music as well as the advancement of musical education in San Diego and its vicinities.

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