A Day to Remember: 2018 POP Music Festival

The 3rd Annual Spring Pop Music Festival was another successful event hosted by CAPMT 1 SDSC on May 19, 2018 at Chula Vista Library Performance Hall, 365 F. St. Chula Vista, CA.

Twenty-eight music students (piano, voice, violin) representing five teachers of SDSC performed with The Royer’s Destroyers Band, a local professional band in San Diego. Repertoire ranged from standard classics, movie and Disney themes, Broadway musicals, jazz, and rags. It was a fun-filled music festival, with students practicing with the band in the morning and then leading and directing the band in their afternoon performance! The ninety-three audience members (family members and the general public) actively participated by filling up personalized compliment cards for their favorite student players. Performers also received participation medals and certificates to commemorate the event. Selected players, Mia and Anya Davis, and Brendon Sheen Ligason were invited to perform at the Honors Recital and Gala scheduled on June 9, 2018.

SDSC would like to acknowledge the following for making this a wonderful event to remember for years to come:

Event Chair: Sally Sumner

The Royer’s Destroyers Band: Devin Voltra (Electric Guitar), Kevin Ford ( Electric Bass), and Ryan Jones (Drums)

Participating Teachers: Anna Vasilyeva, Mark Asuncion, Graziel Dulay, Sally Sumner, Timothy Sumner

Awards & Certificates: Rowena Asuncion

Flyers, program design, event registration: Mark Asuncion

Documentation: Alex Quiman

Emcee: Sharon Halverson

We look forward to this fun-filled and rewarding experience again next spring!


Published by San Diego South Chapter CAPMT 1

Established in 2016, SDSC is a professional non-profit music organization affiliated with Music Teachers National Association and California Association of Professional Music Teachers. Activities of SDSC are aimed to promote the art and appreciation of music as well as the advancement of musical education in San Diego and its vicinities.

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