The Fall Festival was a hit!

The Fall Festival on October 30th was the first in-person CAPMT recital since March 2020, and it was a great success. Twenty-four music students from six studios performed in two recitals at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. Piano, guitar, and violin students played seasonal favorites to get the audience in the mood for Halloween the following day. All performers were awarded a certificate, medal, and treat bag for their participation. Performers were encouraged to wear costumes, and many participated in the costume contest. The costume contest winners were awarded with an extra treat bag. The audience wrote compliment cards as each student performed that the students received at the end of the recital. Despite the challenges due to COVID, it was a pleasure to hear and see live music back on stage.

A well attended event!
Performers dressed up in recital attire and costumes!
Recital 1 students and teachers
All performers sanitized hands before playing and the piano keys were cleaned after each performer.
Various instruments were represented including piano, violin, guitar, and voice.
Recital 2 students and teachers.

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