We are a dedicated group of professional music teachers in San Diego with members who are independent music teachers, university faculty, and professional performers in piano, violin, cello, viola, guitar, voice, saxophone, and other instruments. Teachers who belong to San Diego South Chapter represent the towns in and around the areas of south San Diego and beyond.

San Diego South Chapter offers year-round opportunities for students and members to participate and perform in competitive and non-competitive events, as well as provide several opportunities for learning in the form of master classes, summer camps, workshops and conferences at the local, state and national levels. These programs enrich the musical lives of students, performers, and music professionals.

History of San Diego South Chapter

Audentis fortuna iuuat– Fortune favors the bold (Virgil- Aeneid X, 284)

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In the summer of 2015, a group of CAPMT District 1 members  (serving San Diego and Imperial Counties) banded together with the hope of forming a new local association branch of MTNA. Under the leadership of Rowena Asuncion, the core group members embarked on a series of exploratory talks and organizational meetings and fervently campaigned in the district, state, and national levels to see the fruition of their bold initiative.

On February 2016, CAPMT State Executive Board, under the leadership of CAPMT President Jennifer Snow, approved the creation of the chapter, supporting its efforts of expanding CAPMT membership and bringing more varied programs for students, teachers and the San Diego musical community, especially those residing and teaching in the southern and eastern parts of San Diego County. On March 8, 2016, San Diego South Chapter was officially established and recognized by MTNA.

The  First Set of Officers of San Diego South Chapter:

  • President: Rowena Asuncion
  • VP: Salina Sumner
  • Secretary: Steven Barta
  • Treasurer: Belinda Juang
  • Advisory Board: Lu-Yan Guo, Fei-fei Soong, Fresas Balistreri

The chapter logo was designed by Graziel Dulay.

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