What Music Means to Me…

“How would you like to try piano, Sunny?”My little 6-year-old self-squinted up at my mother.“Pee-ya-no?” I’d often heard the sounds of the instrument my mother played as I went to bed, but I wasn’t sure if that was something I could learn myself. As I spent more time practicing, I immersed myself in different styles,Continue reading “What Music Means to Me…”

Spring Pop Festival

SDSC’s Pop Festival took place on Saturday, April 30th at the Point Loma Hervey Library in the Community Room. Performers included pianists, cellists, vocalists and a violinist. The audience enjoyed a variety of 20th century compositions, many written by local chapter member Luyan Guo. All students received a certificate, enamel pin and medal. Elda PeraltaContinue reading “Spring Pop Festival”

Pop Music Festival: April 30, 2022

Register now and showcase your fun and creative side. Let’s play Pop music! Featuring music students of San Diego South Chapter of CAPMT, this performance opportunity in recital format will have you singing, finger-snapping and feet-tapping! All instruments, ages and abilities welcome! Genre will include pop tunes, jazz, rock, blues, Disney themes, movie themes, BroadwayContinue reading “Pop Music Festival: April 30, 2022”

In-person Piano and Ensemble Auditions

Unlike the previous year where the auditions were held virtually, our chapter was able to hold in-person auditions at Scripps Miramar Ranch Library’s spacious Community Room equipped with a stage and a 7-ft Schimmel grand piano. It was exciting to see music students perform in-person once again. There were 5 teams for the Ensemble Auditions,Continue reading “In-person Piano and Ensemble Auditions”

SDSC’s Young Artists Competition was a blast!

The piano division evaluations of the Young Artist Competition took place on November 6 in person in the afternoon in Scripps Miramar Ranch Library. Twenty students from four studios competed in five categories according to the difficulty level of their repertoire. Each student performed one memorized composition. Pieces represented each of the four keyboard periodsContinue reading “SDSC’s Young Artists Competition was a blast!”

The Fall Festival was a hit!

The Fall Festival on October 30th was the first in-person CAPMT recital since March 2020, and it was a great success. Twenty-four music students from six studios performed in two recitals at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. Piano, guitar, and violin students played seasonal favorites to get the audience in the mood forContinue reading “The Fall Festival was a hit!”

MTNA Studio Fall Festival

Join us in our forthcoming MTNA Studio Fall Festival! Register now! Calling all motivated music students of all ages and abilities of San Diego county! Perform live (in-person) in this FUN festival in recital format! Play a piece or 2, memorized or with your sheet music in front of a supportive audience! All participants willContinue reading “MTNA Studio Fall Festival”