General Guidelines


1. All questions concerning registration, repertoire, scheduling, students, must be channeled through the student’s teacher.

2.  Chapter Event registration

  • Registration is done online or through the teacher. Fees must be paid on or before the registration deadline. Additional fees will be incurred if fees are paid after the deadline.
  • Parents, responsible adults other than teachers can register online. Please inform the teacher to avoid multiple submissions.
  • Late registration may be accepted if space is available.
  • Submit your payments online securely. You may also issue checks and give them to your teacher before the event. Checks must be payable to San Diego South Chapter or SDSC. Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Participating teachers and their students may or may not be members of the chapter, CAPMT or MTNA. An additional fee of $25 is assessed for non- members. Late registration will incur additional fees.

2. State Event registration

  • Registration is done online by the parent or legal guardian through
  • Use only current application form for each specific CAPMT Student Program.
  • Payment is via credit card or PayPal through the applicant’s account.
  • It is the responsibility of the CAPMT teacher to abide by the guidelines set forth by CAPMT.  Failure to abide by the guidelines will result in disqualification.

3.  CAPMT Student Program Guidelines

  •  Several festivals are offered by the chapter throughout the year. Each festival has specific themes and repertoire requirement; e.g. Pop Music Festival includes current pop tunes, movie themes, Disney tunes, Broadway musicals, jazz, rock, and blues, among others. Please check with the student’s teacher for more details. These festivals feature music students in a recital format where they perform in a friendly and non-competitive setting. These events may or may not be adjudicated. Selected students will have an opportunity to be invited to perform at the Annual Honors Recital and Gala sponsored by SDSC in May or June of each year.
  • San Diego South Chapter participates in the  Piano Festivals and Ensemble Festivals  which are state-sponsored events ( CAPMT) held in the fall. These events, however, are held locally where students are adjudicated and rated, with 5 being the highest. Students selected (obtained top score of 5) will be invited to perform and be featured at the Southern California Festival Celebrations hosted by CAPMT. The event takes place in winter.
  • Registration fees for the state, as well as some chapter events, vary by program and student level. Please check with the student’s teacher for further details.
  • Competitions are offered at the chapter as well as state and national levels.
  • Chapter competition events offered by SDSC: Young Artists Competition, San Diego Young Protege Music Competition, and Concerto Competition. Students compete by age category, instrument division or by ability levels.

4. Consent forms and waiver forms must be submitted online by every participating student.

5. All decisions and rulings by the adjudicators are final.

6. A clean, original copy of selected repertoire must be provided to the adjudicator for events that are adjudicated for ratings or competitions. Xerox copies are not allowed.

7. All participants must abide by the federal copyright law.

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