State and National Events

** To register and pay for any  Chapter events, please visit Registration, Payment, and Consent Form (Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as web browser to avoid technical issues. Thank you.)

**CAPMT State and MTNA events registration, payment and consent forms can be accessed in their respective websites.

CAPMT Statewide Student programs

  • Competitions:
    • SDSC will be hosting the 2021 Honors and Contemporary Competition for District 1. Visit for more information. Date: February 12, 2022. Venue: Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad, CA
    • Concerto Competition
    • Contemporary Music Competition
    • Honors Competition
  • Auditions, Programs:
    • Piano Auditions -The 2021 auditions will be done in-person
    • Ensemble Auditions- The 2021 auditions will be done in-person.
    • CAPMT Southern FestivalIn Piano and Ensemble Auditions, students are rated 1–5, with those receiving a 5 being invited (but not required) to perform at the CAPMT Northern Festival or CAPMT Southern Festival. Registration period: December 6-19, 2021. Date: January 8, 2022. Venue: LA Harbor College. Register here for those who passed the Piano Auditions. Click here to register for those who passed the Ensemble Auditions. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Music Improvisation and Creativity

MTNA National Student programs

  • Competitions:
    • Junior Performance Competitions
    • Senior Performance Competitions
    • Young Artist Performance Competitions
    • Chamber Music Competitions
  • Music for Everyone:
    • Music Achievement Award Program
    • Music Study Award Program
    • MTNA Studio Festival Program